About our speaker boxes

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We offer a variety of custom Bluetooth speakers made out of vintage suitcases. They are all fully portable with a rechargeable battery that'll last you ~10 hours! They come with their own Bluetooth and a charger for your battery!

We do custom orders to fit your specific wants and needs!

What our boxes feature



Standard aux cord:

Connect to any device including (iPod, iPhone, laptop, tape deck, reel to reel, record player Walkman, minidisc player, Zune and any device you would normally connect your headphones)

Bluetooth Audio Streaming:

Running Bluetooth is perfect for connecting the Bluetooth audio output of any device, including your smartphone, iPad, tablet or computer. Our Bluetooth dongle allows for streaming Bluetooth music up to 10 meters (33 ft.)


10+ Hour rechargeable battery Built-in, inside

Take your music on the road and playback for 10 or more hours with our rechargeable battery. Simply plug it in overnight and your ready for another full day of blasting your favorite tunes!