Overview of the products we sell

Suitcase Speakers:

We offer a variety of custom bluetooth speakers made out of vintage suitcases. They are all fully portable with a rechargeable battery that'll last you ~10 hours! They come with their own bluetooth and a charger for your battery!

We do custom orders to fit your specific wants and needs!

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Horseshoe Snowmen:

Repurposed horseshoe art, turned into snowmen and snowgals for the holiday season.

Horseshoe Reindeer:

Repurposed horseshoe art, turned into reindeer ready to be adopted and brought to your home!

Horseshoe Christmas Trees:

Repurposed horseshoe art turned into Christmas trees that come in multiple shades of green and clear. Perfect to complete any Christmas scene illustrated inside or outside your home!

Horseshoe Pumpkins:

Repurposed horseshoe art turned into pumpkins of a variety of sizes and colors! Perfect to match all fall decor schemes! These are clear coated with the ability to be placed indoors or out!


These aquatic friends are made out of horseshoes, railroad spikes, rebar, and various metal components. Perfect addition to complete a fish house, man cave, lake home, or master suite!

Horseshoe Flower:

These horseshoe flowers are a splendid addition to your garden! They can be colorful or clear upon your order! They also come in multiple heights to fit any garden or yard!

Tractor Bars:

Customized bars made from barn wood and recycled tractor parts. Perfect to fit any venue, from man cave to wedding bar! All wood and metal pieces are finished with an exterior grade urethane finish to hold up to any weather conditions!

Giant Pumpkins:

These pumpkins are made from vintage dump rake tines and perfect to fit your front porch or patio area as a fall decoration! They are made with a clear coat finish to fit your outdoor needs or indoors! They make a perfect holder for a pot of mums or flowers of your choice!

License Plate Coat/Key Holder:

Old license plates from various states attached to reclaimed barn wood. Underneath hang a variety of hooks to use for coats, keys and anything else you might hang in an entry way, garage or guest room! We have license plates that range in the years from 1930 to the 1980s!

Oil Can Tractor Seat:

Name the oil and we probably have it made into a tractor seat stool! These come in various colors, design and seat size. We can do matching sets or individual beauties!

Tractor Seat Bar Stools:

These stools are made from a variety of materials including rebar, old metal pipe and tubing. The seats can range in height and size of seat on the top! They can be made perfect for your bar (indoor or outdoor), island, or dining space! Please contact us for more information regarding options for height, seat size and number of stools desired!

Radio Flyer Shelves:

Remember that little wagon that you were pulled around in as a child? Well now it can hang in your garage or vintage kitchen! This is a multi-use wagon that includes a shelf, towel rack, and paper towel holder! These can be sold individually or sold as a set with both halves of the wagon!


These stars come in two different styles: horseshoe files or railroad spikes. These can vary in size and are perfect to complete any indoor or outdoor location!

Lamp Variants:

You name it, we can turn it into a lamp! We specialize in gas cans, valve covers, cam shafts, and piped lamps. These come in a variety of sizes and colors! Feel free to reach out about your favorite that you would like to bring into your living spaces!

Birdhouses and Planters:

Not only do these attract beautiful birds, but some double as planters! They make perfet additions to outdoor gardens and make even better gift to a special person in your life!

Gear Art:

These items ranges from spike balls to snowmen to Christmas trees! Each item is made unique from the gears and materials that we have available! All are clear coated for indoor or outdoor display.


These little hotrods are made with various car parts and tools! Each one is entirely unique and can be customized upon ordering! Reach out with any specific ideas that you love!

Piston Family:

We have created a family of Piston Guys and Gals made from car pistons, other metal materials and sparkplugs. These are clear coated as well so they can be placed inside or out! They are all just waiting for a home to go to!


We have a wide variety of tables and tractor bars available. We can customize all tables and tractor bars to be made out of materials you love, or pieces that mean something to you and your family! Please contact us to set up your order!

Wall Hangings and Bottle Openers:

A variety of crates, boxes, and wood slabs have been repurposed into shelves of varying width and length. Perfect to create a hanging display in any home!

Word Art:

LOVE. JOY. WELCOME. HAPPINESS. Or even your name! All of these can be made from varying tools and materials and displayed in your home! They can be in different sizes, both height and width!

This page is under construction, be sure to check back later for updated inventory items!  

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