My wife and I have a passion for vintage and unique items, as well as a love for DIY.  Throughout our time together we have enjoyed the thrill of the hunt at traders markets, antique shops, garage sales, dumpsters, auctions and online.  Find a treasure or Upcycle an item into something someone loves, into something new again.   It’s always been our weekend hobby, but we decided we were ready for something more.


Some years ago we purchased a 10 acre farm and decided to move our growing family to the country.  We have several outbuildings on our property and unfortunately some can't be saved. While going through the buildings we have found all kinds of forgotten items. We have been turning this reclaimed wood and found resources into unique handcrafted treasures.  We love to make the old, new for someone, or to repurpose it and give it another life.


After making items for friends and family as fun projects on the weekends with the kids, we have now decided to take our passion to the next level and start a business doing what we love.  The best part is we can still hunt for our treasures and pass them onto new homes.


My wife and I are excited to start this new stage in our lives and will do our best to bring you unique hand crafted Americana as well as a variety of antiques and vintage items.

To start, we will offer our items online and at local craft and art markets. Please see the event calendar for where we will be next! In the future, we hope to open a permanent store.



The Vintage Tin